• Gisela Ulloa
    General Manager

    Industrial engineer by profession, Master in International Business Management. She has worked for over ten years on climate change and forests in Latin America. Read More

    Email: gisela@sasa-bolivia.com
    Skype: sham-gisela

  • Valeria Revilla
    Technical Manager

    Environmental engineer with extensive experience in management of projects under the management of GHG emissions and climate change. Read More

    Email: valeria@sasa-bolivia.com
    Skype: valerevilla

  • Miguel Rodríguez
    External Advisor

    Master in Environment and natural resources Management, specializing in energy studies; Industrial and Systems Engineer. National and international experience in sustainable development projects. Read More

    Email: miguel@sasa-bolivia.com
    Skype: miguelrodrigueztejerina

  • Marcelo Álvarez
    Carbon Footprint Specialist

    Industrial engineer specialized in measuring the Carbon Footprint of territories, institutions, products and events. Read More

    Email: marceloa@sasa-bolivia.com
    Skype: marcelo.alvarez.ulloa

  • Leandra Díaz
    Water Footprint Specialist

    Environmental engineer by profession, with extensive experience in conservation projects in Bolivia with a productive approach, and specialist in measuring Water Footprint. Read More

    Email: leandra@sasa-bolivia.com
    Skype: leandra.fany.diaz.rios

  • Carola Mejía

    Graduated in Economy and Master in Economic Development, specialized in Sustainable Development and Environment. Read More

    Email: carola@sasa-bolivia.com
    Skype: caromejia5

  • Estefanía Arteaga
    Environmental Engineer

    Environmental Engineer, Master in Water Resources Management from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Read More

    Email: estefania@sasa-bolivia.com

  • Liliana Roca
    Environmental Engineer

    Environmental Engineer, graduated from the Catholic University in Bolivia. Has collaborated in the implementation of “Cities Footprint Project”. Read More

    Email: liliana@sasa-bolivia.com

  • Marcelo Enriquez
    Programs Manager

    Electronic engineer by profession, he has worked in different areas related to computer science and electronics. Read More

    Email: meu@sasa-bolivia.com
    Skype: menriquezuria

  • Edgar Bernal
    Administrative Officer

    He has extensive experience in the administration and logistics of several projects implemented for national and international companies with which the company works. Read More

    Email: ebernal@sasa-bolivia.com
    Skype: edgarsasa

  • David Castro
    Administrative Assistant

    It is part of the SASA team for 15 years, as responsible for supporting the company and its team in all matters relating to the administrative, accounting and logistics part. Read More

    Email: dcastro@sasa-bolivia.com
    Skype: david_castro2012

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