Resilient Cities and Climate Finance

Who we are

Servicios Ambientales S.A. is leader in innovation and climate change.
We have 23 years of experience working on adaptation and mitigation in 20 Latin-American cities within 7 countries of the Region.

Our Services

Assessment & reporting

  • Generation of baseline information that helps to understand the current situation and the magnitude of the impact on the environment, such as:

    GHG Emissions Inventory and Reporting
    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
    Water, Carbon, and Ecological Footprints
    Vulnerability and Risks Assessments
    Reporting on international platforms

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Climate change and sustainability policies and strategies

  • Development of strategies for GHG reduction and improvement of water management, through the design of investment project portfolios and policies that promote low carbon, sustainable and resilient development.
    Sustainable and resilient cities
    Strategies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change
    Efficiency and management of water resources
    Sustainable planning
    Public-private partnerships
    Corporate Social Responsibility Policies
    Contribution and report to the Sustainable Development Goal SDGs

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Forest and Climate Change

  • Support in the preparation for the implementation of mechanisms for reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) in Latin America and the Caribbean. As well as, the evaluation of the process according to the methodologies of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), UN REDD and UNDP.

    Preparation for the implementation of REDD + mechanisms
    Evaluation of REDD+ programs and projects

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Climate finance

  • Analysis of the climate impact of the investment portfolio and the level of preparedness of cities to access sources of climate financing. Likewise, support and guidance are provided in filling out formats to access funding from GCF, CAF, World Bank funds, among others.

    Climate impact of investment portfolios
    Cities Readiness Index (SASA tool)
    Support in funding application process (GCF, CAF, World Bank, etc.)

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Technology and Innovation

  • Development of technological tools for the quantification of Carbon and Water Footprints (SASATool), as well as the creation of platforms for the management, processing and exchange of information.

    Communication and Assessment Platforms
    Internet of Things
    Mobile phone tools (APPs)

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Capacity development

  • Development of skills through workshops and seminars with qualified and certified experts.

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Communication and positioning strategies

  • Develop communication pathways and tools to promote sustainability efforts and actions at local, regional and international spheres, such as South-South networks (partnership between cities) and links with international networks as the Covenant of Mayors, Global Compact, CDP, among others.

    International outreach and connections
    Methodology handbooks

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    Since its creation in 1998, SASA has been working in areas related to conservation finance and sustainable finance. Its experience during the early stages of the Clean Development Mechanism, CDM, has allowed it to generate knowledge and expertise in projects with climate components that generate economic, social and environmental benefits.

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Clients and Partners


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